Dubang is a professional manufacturer specialized in research, design, production, sales and service of ice machine, bar counter, bar ice machine, ice cream machine, commercial water boiler, multifunction steam milk machine and other catering equipment.

In order to produce the most competitive products for the market, we have introduced professional ice machine production line, CNC sheet metal laser cutting machine, CNC foaming machine and detection device. As well ensuring wonderful appearance, stable performance and high quality.

Our factory is based in Datong village, Dongchong Town, Nasha district, Guangzhou city where is close to Subway of Panyu Square. We have core technology backbone of more than 10 people who has over 6-year experiences in the refrigeration industries.

OEM/ODM are welcome. Customer’s own private label products manufacturing

Conformance with international standards to ensure excellent quality levels.

Insist on “quality first, customer first” business purpose

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