QS-100 Ice machine

40kg/24h capacity

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- Stainless steel exterior, durable and beautiful

- Single channel ventilation for better heat dissipation

- Built-in blue lighting, showing ice crystals

- Vertical flow evaporator, ice making quickly each cycle

- Brand compressor, full copper condenser, strong refrigeration, faster ice making

- Food-grade plastic ice storage bin, PU foamed insulation, keep high thermal insulation effect

- LCD display panel and user-friendly buttons for easy operation, diagnosis and maintenance

- Power failure automatic protection function, automatically recovery to working status after power-on

- Automatic cleaning and automatic drainage, easy to clean and maintain, extend the life of the equipment.

Application place:

Coffee Shop, Cake Shop, Milk Tea Store, Convenience Store, Cinema, Bakey&Dessert, Shop, KTV, Bar, Hotpot Restaurant, Barbecue Restaurant, Canteen, Hotel, Hospital, Supermarket, etc...

Model Specification:

Product name: Ice cube maker

Model: QS-100

Ice cube size:22*22*22 mm

Ice production capacity:40kg/24h

Ice storage bin: 15kg

Power supply: 220v/50hz


Compressor: Panasonic

Condenser: full copper

Cooling method: air cooled

Refrigerant: R134a

Shell material: stainless steel satin board

Ice storage bin material: stainless steel outer, PU foamed insulation middle, Food grade ABS inner

Body size: 450*518*744mm


QS series Specification 

Ice machine, bar counter, bar ice machine, ice cream machine, commercial water boiler, multifunction steam milk machine

Note: The maximum ice production is tested under: Ambient temperature 25°C, Water Inlet Temperature 15°C

The actual ice production will be changed with input water temperature and ambient temperature.

Special Attention
In worldwide ,there are several voltage disparities like 220V to 240V/50HZ ,220V/60HZ , 115V/60HZ , 380V/50HZ( take as commercial use) . Advice you’d better choose 220V/50HZ or 220V/60HZ, which these can be used worldwide even in some 115v/50Hz countries. We can save a lot of production period to fasten your delivery.
Meanwhile,there are R22, R134a and R404a gas optional. You must assure of the gas used in your location in case of wrong gas.
Above two techs requirement will cause different price gap. If not standard like china tech, there should be some extra charge, you must aware of it in avoid of wrong transition.

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