BM-48 Ice Machine

40kg/24h capacity

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- Stainless steel exterior, durable and beautiful

- Single channel ventilation for better heat dissipation

- Built-in blue lighting, showing ice crystals

- Arc design door, larger capacity ice straroge, easy take ice from bin

- Vertical flow evaporator, ice making quickly each cycle

- Brand compressor, full copper condenser, strong refrigeration, faster ice making

- Food-grade plastic ice storage bin, PU foamed insulation, keep high thermal insulation effect

- LCD display panel and user-friendly buttons for easy operation, diagnosis and maintenance

- Power failure automatic protection function, automatically recovery to working status after power-on

- Automatic cleaning and automatic drainage, easy to clean and maintain, extend the life of the equipment.

Application place:

Coffee Shop, Cake Shop, Milk Tea Store, Convenience Store, Cinema, Bakey&Dessert, Shop, KTV, Bar, Hotpot Restaurant, Barbecue Restaurant, Canteen, Hotel, Hospital, Supermarket, etc...

Ice machine, bar counter, bar ice machine, ice cream machine, commercial water boiler, multifunction steam milk machine


Model: BM-48

Ice cube size:22*22*22 mm

Ice production capacity:40kg/24h

Ice storage bin: 25kg

Power supply: 220v/50hz


Compressor: Panasonic

Condenser: full copper

Cooling method: air cooled

Refrigerant: R134a

Shell material: stainless steel satin board

Ice storage bin material: stainless steel outer, PU foamed insulation middle, Food grade ABS inner

Body size: 550*560*750mm

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